Reimagine how you share & work on scientific ideas

Easily communicate, gather feedback, and move ideas forward in living documents. Science doesn't stop when you hit publish and these days the science doesn't fit in a PDF.


Share living documents that track versions, comments, and attribution so you can confidently engage all of your team.


Work collaboratively using flexible content blocks and dynamic components. Integrate to your computation and data.

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iooxa platform


iooxa makes it easy to share and collaborate on scientific ideas

Write and remix content

iooxa is a powerful platform to write scientific content collaboratively. Create blocks of content that track version history and attribution. Allowing you to incorporate feedback in context with confidence.

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Showcase your work

Publish and share your work to grow your community and spark discussions with new collaborators. We offer beautiful layouts and customizable profiles to get your research seen.

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Connect to where you work

iooxa offers an integration to Jupyter Notebooks so you can seamlessly collaborate on your science. Learn more about our Jupyter Integration.

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Integrate with Jupyter