Collaborate in Jupyter and Beyond

Add comments, versioning and real-time collaboration to your Jupyter and Notebooks.

How it Works
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Install the Jupyter Extension for Chrome

Connected to Computation

Add cell based commenting and version-control to your local Jupyter Lab or Jupyter Notebook. These sync with your content on iooxa and allow you to collaboratively edit and version notebooks.

By saving a cell or a notebook, it then becomes easy to share, version, comment and incorporate results into other documents!

Version & Comment

Version notebook or individual cells between your notebooks and repositories. Each cell has real-time commenting.

Inline DIFFS

Compare your changes instantly directly in your notebook. Changes from your collaborators show up in real time.


Share Jupyter Notebooks with your collaborators and/or make your work accessible to the public.


Link your computation outputs and figures directly into living documents. Each cell has a unique identifier to make integrating cells fast and simple.

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