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We're passionate about communicating and collaborating on science.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to modernize how researchers collaborate and share their work — to accelerate discovery by enabling connections.

Our Vision

Free science from static documents.

About Us

iooxa sits at the intersection of scientific collaboration, publishing, and technology. We believe how we share and communicate scientific knowledge should evolve past the status quo of print-based publishing and all the limitations of paper.

iooxa breathes life into today’s process by helping the technical teams work in new ways. Our collaborative online tools empower people throughout the scientific journey – unlocking ideas, information, and creativity to enable better communication.

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Rowan Cockett, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur with a background in computational geophysics and a drive to make technical content engaging through interactivity. Rowan has spent the last decade creating communication tools for education, training and geoscience visualization.
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Lindsey Heagy, PhD
Co-Founder & CSO

A researcher on a mission to make her science accessible, Lindsey seeks to inspire others with her reproducible notebooks and interactive textbooks.
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Steve Purves
Co-Founder & CTO

An experienced technology leader, building software teams and products in diverse industries including finance, electronic manufacturing, geoscience, and healthcare.
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What's behind the name?

iooxa has two meanings: “Io”, is a moon of Jupiter, discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei, an early astronomer and one of the founders of physics and the scientific method; and “oxa”, which references the process of injecting oxygen, O2.

iooxa together is a reminder to recognize how science has progressed, to give credit for past work, as well as provide breathing room to the scientific process as we move forward.